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Black Creek Village


New Build, Custom Furnishings, Decorating and styling



2 Years


Artsy Transitional



Architect: John Paul Garland

Builder: John Garland

Client downsized from a 5,400 sqft home and wanted to incorporate a lot of furniture they already owned and incorporate some new furniture to give it an updated artsy look. 

Upon entering the house, the floor plan is laid out before you, in a 360 view of the land that surrounds you. You immediately feel the freshness and clean of today mixed with the vintage classics of yesterday. With the mixture of these design elements, you really feel the balance, that creates a warm and inviting space.

The plan for the kitchen was to create a nice contrast, with the white counter tops and the dark brown-grey undertone-stained cabinets. The openness looking into the dining and living rooms really allows for this to be the most functional kitchen.

The real focal point is the custom fireplace, made from Turkish marble.

The Design Source

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