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Back to School

August 19, 2022

It's back to school season! All the kids are back in school with new supplies and outfits, and we thought why does this season just have to be for kids and school? Why can't adults get in on the action with a new pen that will change your life or a new fall outfit? So we decided to create a back to school for adults with an excuse for some new office supplies and a cute fall outfit. Who's with us?

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Weekly to do note pad| Simplified Planner| Paper clips| Lunch bag| File folders| Pens in an acrylic tray| Pencil case| Lists are my love language Mug| Laptop Bag

This entire outfit is from J.Crew and we love it! The dress is the perfect transition dress where it is cool enough for now, while it is still hot in Texas, but easy to layer in a sweater over and tall or ankle boots for when the weather gets cooler.

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Dress| Cardigan| Sandals| Earrings
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