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Decorating a Tree

November 5, 2021

We know many of you start decorating for Christmas in November or the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we thought we would kick off our Holiday content with our favorite thing to decorate...The TREE! Today, our team is sharing all of our favorite tips and tricks to create a beautiful full tree.

Base: Start by fluffing the tree. Fluff the tree by spreading every branch and filling spaces. Once your tree is fluffed, layer in a berry or leaf garland if using (Great way to fill up space). Then add your touch points with bows and picks. Touch points are usually one per foot, for the size of tree, i.e.: 9 touch points for a 9ft tree. Place them in a zig zag pattern.

Topper: Start with the bows, which take about 3-4, and place them about a foot down from the top all around. Add in the picks which could be the same or coordinating the touch points. Add them into the top and out from the bows.

Ornaments: Always start with the largest size ornament and work your way to the smallest. Go deep in the tree as well as on the outer branches. It's all about layering.

Come by our showroom and shop all our favorite Christmas items we have to help you decorate your tree. And don't forget to stop by on November 16th for our Holiday open house where you get 20% off all Christmas and a demonstration by our very own Jeanne Garland!

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