Design Styles: Coastal

August 5, 2022

A couple weeks ago we talked about the trend of Coastal Living, so today we thought we would continue with that theme and define the Design Style of Coastal. Whether you live near the ocean or long for your home to reflect a breezy, beach-like feel, a coastal design style might be up your alley!

Margret of York Design

Coastal design is characterized as a beach-like, natural seaside elements through color and texture. Coastal style is all about that feeling of calm, peaceful, relaxation. The style has been around for centuries, largely due to how people decorated their waterfront, or seaside homes. The style first originated on the Atlantic coast and has made it's way across the country, taking on different forms depending on the region. In the Northeast you will see more dark varnished wood. In the Southern states you will see more grey-washed wood, and then going more south to Florida you will see a more tropical feel. Now days you see the design style being incorporated into homes regardless if they are on the coast or near water.

Colors by K: Kristin Chambless

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a coastal style is through color. The idea is to pull colors from the coast, so think sand, water, clouds; therefore colors will be in neutrals, and shades of blues and greens. Once you have picked your color scheme the next to focus on is texture and lighting. For textures, think of using woven wooden shades, driftwood finishes, wicker and rattan on furniture, grasscloth wallpaper, sisal, seagrass or jute rugs, wide plank light wood floors, limestone, the possibilities are endless. The whole idea is to use natural textures that you would find at the coast. For lighting, use fixtures that have a fun coastal element to them, wooden bead or captiz chandeliers.

Katie Davis Design

Adding art with water or coastline motifs is also a really easy way to bring the spirit of the coast into your home. When it comes to adding in accessories it is very important to know the difference between Nautical and Coastal. (maybe our next design style will be Nautical .😉) Anchors and cabana stripes are a nod to Nautical design. For coastal it is adding in a small amount of shells, glass bottles and woven baskets, the key is to not go overboard.

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