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Holiday Lanterns

Our Holiday Lanterns are back! These lanterns make the best holiday gifts for all your family and friends of all ages. We first introduced these lanterns three years ago and they have been a hot ticket item. Every year we have expanded the collection and introduce some new styles. Here is the guide to this years collection.

Last year's number one favorite was the Nativity scene. This year we have three different Nativity scenes. This one in the church is absolutely gorgeous! A new addition to some of the lanterns this year is that they come with a USB cord, so you have the option of either plugging them in or using batteries. They also run on a 6 hour timer, so if you turn them on to the timer at 9 am they will stay on for 6 hours, and shut off at 3 pm. They then will turn back on the next day at 9 am.

This Nativity scene is similar to the one we had last year in the more traditional finish, this year we have it in 2 sizes, 11" and 8". This one is the 8"

This is the 11" Nativity.

If you got the Nativity last year how about adding to your collection with the Three Wise Men!

How cute is Santa in his sleigh? This is the perfect gift for all ages!

This is a new Santa that we have this year that also plays music!

Santa in a phone booth, how adorable is that? We had this one last year and it was a favorite. This year's version plays music!

This 8" lantern is so cute! The deer are so sweet, and the glitter white lantern is just beautiful.

For all the dog lover's out there, how adorable is this lantern! This is the perfect gift for any of your dog loving friends and family.

Just a reminder these lanterns do run out fast, so be sure to get yours before they sell out!

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