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Mirror Magic

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Using mirrors to enhance your living space is a bit like magic. Here are three ways to use mirrors.

1.) Do you have a large open room? In large rooms, you need to use large items to decorate. Using a large floor mirror helps make the space feel balanced. If you don’t want to look at your self, you can use a mirror with antique mirror.

In this room, the TV is on the focal wall across from the sofa with some art. We didn't want to do another wall of art, so we used this large mirror instead to add interest and reflect light back into the room.

2.) Do you have a small bedroom? Try putting mirrors above each night stand, it wall make the room look larger, and reflect light.

These mirrors are great because they give you the oval feel on the rectangular mirror. They give you that “designer” look.

3.) Do you have a dining room that is a challenge? A mirror is just the thing you need if you want a clean look without putting a buffet on the wall behind the table. Use a floor mirror and just lean it up against the wall. Like magic, it really opens up your space and reflects the stunning chandelier above the table.

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