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Spring Cleaning Design Tips for Your Home

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Are you looking for a clean, exciting new look for your home? Here are two helpful tips.

1.) De-Clutter Your Shelves

A lot of the time the items on a set of shelves are items that you have left over from decorating everything else. It will lead to a mismatching of nothing wonderful. Pick out your most favorite items, and the ones you can't live without. Once you've reduced you favorite items, let them shine. You don't need to put a lot of items on your shelves; use larger items to create more interest.

2.) Focal Points in a Room

Does something catch your eye when you walk into a room? If nothing catches your eye in your room then you don't have a focal point. A focal point can be an architectural feature, a piece of art, a fireplace, a statement piece of furniture, a mirror or a stunning rug. It's easier to start with a focus and plan the rest of the room's decor around it. Once you find your focal feature, arrange existing furniture to direct attention toward it.

If you have any tips on how you like to get your home ready for Spring, we would love to hear them below in the comments section.

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