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The Top 5 Styles For Hardware Pieces To Incorporate Into Your Home's Design

With so many different looks for hardware, finding the right styles that fit your home’s design can be changeling & time-consuming, especially in the midst of a home renovation. Keep in mind that a hardware piece’s style should be just as thoughtful and personal as your overall design, so choose the ones that speak to you! However, following guidelines and suggestions never hurt. They can bring inspiration faster and cut back on time spent deciding. Continue reading to learn The Design Source’s top 5 styles and finishes to use for your home’s hardware pieces.

1. Keeping it Classic

Brass and bronze hardware pieces, like handles, knobs, and bin pulls, have been used in interior design for centuries. These classic pieces are great for incorporating durable and timeless design elements into your home. A brass handle pull will bring a sense of warmth and organic texture to your space’s environment without the worry of rust. If you want pieces that weather with grace with your newly renovated space, try out bronze knobs, or bin pulls. This hardware style will bring a unique look to a space’s design over time.

PRODUCT: Queslett Pull from Remodelista

The Design Source Queslett Pull

2. Gleaming Metallics

If you want to incorporate luxury into your home’s space in a bold or subtle way, adding metallic hints through your hardware pieces’ style is the way to go. Bring warmth to an all-white kitchen by adding gold-finished handles and hinges on the cabinetry. A colorful console table with metallic knobs creates a beautiful mix of vibrancy and glamour to create a striking piece. Continue the moody style of a dark-themed space with metallic hardware pieces, like gunmetal or graphite knobs and handles. With so many different shades, the style options are endless!

PRODUCT: Concentric Gunmetal Drawer Pull from Home Depot

Hardware pieces for your home renovation

3. Artful Abstracts

Art is innovative and impactful no matter its form, so why not incorporate it into your hardware piece’s style? Abstract hardware can bring artful aesthetics to a space's design. Get creative with the traditional notion of hardware pieces' shapes and styles. Instead of using round knobs on cabinets and doors, try a triangle or hexagon shape. Spice up your kitchen cabinetry with an artful semi-circle drawer pull. Add interest to your bedside tables with a colorful drop ring pull. Creating art through abstract style hardware is a great way to bring unique character to your home.

PRODUCT: Gotham Hardware from Michael Aram

Hardware Pieces for your Home Renovation

4. Vintage Charm

Personalizing a space's design is now a prominent interior design style seen throughout homes. Weave a special story into your space's design through vintage hardware pieces. A nickel-plated shelf bracket will bring a unique style and character to shelving and cabinet décor displays, while crystal knobs are a great way to channel a retro flair in your bathroom. Add an antique effect by dressing your light switches in vintage light covers.

PRODUCT: Neoclassical Single Toggle Switch Plate from House of Antique Hardware

Hardware pieces for your home

5. Minimal Modern

If you lean more toward a minimalistic style, modern hardware pieces are an excellent choice for merging clean, simple lines and designs into your home. Lucite is a great element to start with. Lucite handle pulls with gold accents will bring any piece a translucent and luxurious style and feel. Reflective hardware, like a mirrored-mounted towel rack, will bring a sleek design into your bathroom. A stainless-steel faucet will serve as a clean, simple hardware piece within different spaces.  

PRODUCT: Crystal 4 Inch Center to Center Bar Cabinet Pull from Emtek

The Design Source Hardware Pieces

There you have it! A guide for incorporating the top 5 styles of hardware pieces into your home. Whether you follow one of the listed styles or go down a different path, make sure the look of your hardware pieces fits your home's design and personality. As always, The Design Source's talented team is here to help you with your interior design projects, from re-modeling to re-designing. Click here to meet the team, and follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop for all things design! You can also visit our storefront to find the perfect pieces for your space. We are located at 3644 Highway 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478, and our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. See you soon!

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