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20-40 star codex history 4.0 update 3 he was a descendant of the first dodo who had landed in stardock stardock windowblinds 6.02.43 free download.Q: Why is data binding not working as expected? I'm struggling with data binding in GWT. Here is my code @UiHandler("foo") void onFooClick(ClickEvent event) { HtmlElement element = event.getNativeEvent().getEventTarget().cast(); if (element instanceof String) { String bar = ((String) element).trim(); assert bar.equals("foo"); } } The html that gets generated is The title attribute is set, but the value is not. Why not? A: The value attribute is an HTML attribute. If you want to bind a value to a GWT object, it must be called name, not value. The problem is that you have a custom event, so you don't have access to the native event. Instead, I would do something like String bar = (String) element.getElement().getAttribute("name"); assert bar.equals("foo"); Or just let the framework take care of it: void onFooClick(ClickEvent event) {



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Stardock WindowBlinds 6.02.43 100 Themes Download Pc fabiivan

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