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5 Projected Interior Design Trends of 2023

Happy new year, everyone! We can't believe 2023 is already here, and we hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing holiday season. With a new year comes new design trends! How will the beloved trends of 2022 transform in 2023? What are the design community's predicted trends for the New Year, and will they stick? At The Design Source, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with trends, so check out our 5 projected interior design trends of 2023!

1. The Use of Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials throughout a home’s interior will trend in the New Year. Materials like stone and wood will be at the forefront as their unique markings will bring the freshness of the outdoors indoors. Organic textures like leather and polished stone will also be used more often throughout many homes in 2023, while nature’s greenery will likely become more prominent in homes through plants and flowers. Sustainability will continue into 2023, and using natural materials in interiors is the perfect way to participate in this movement.

2. Incorporation of Vintage Accents

Personalizing each space within a home has become a prevalent want in interior design. That is why implementing vintage pieces into interiors will be a trending design technique in 2023. Antiques possess a particular function. They range in various design styles, making each a unique statement that brings character to any space. Owning pieces that tell a story personalizes a home and is an aspect of design that will become increasingly popular.

3. Statement Lighting

Using lighting as an art form is another projected interior design trend of 2023 and will be utilized in several ways. No matter the prominent design style of a home, lighting fixtures will become the center of attention. Make a statement with a beautifully crafted chandelier or a striking modern pendant light. Sculptural pieces will be used more with a dual-purpose as art and lighting. The use of ambient lighting will rise in popularity as this feature allows homeowners to craft the perfect ambiance within each space.

4. Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Color

Individualism through design is on the rise, with bold and unexpected colors being the expected leaders of this transition in 2023. Neutral palettes will always be classics, but colorful palettes and accents will become just as popular. A continuation of moody colors throughout a home’s interior will be seen in this coming year. Bold and bright colors will make a return to walls, throw pillows, carpets, and other décor. 2023 will bring color to the fore front of interior design.

5. Continued Curves

Curved edges were trendy in 2022 and are projected to keep their place in 2023. Modern pieces have historically been associated with sleek features and hard edges. This style has now updated its form by introducing soft textures and curved edges, creating a more inviting atmosphere within a room. Curves still possess their modern roots but have become welcoming pieces that appear more frequently in 2023. Curves will be seen in furniture and architecture, emphasizing curved walls and doorways.

There you have it! Our 5 predicted design trends for 2023. Though we cannot expect what’s in store for the future of interior design, it is always fun to make educated guesses based on previous trends and what everybody loves. Let us help you face your New Year designs with confidence! Not sure where to begin? As always, our talented team is ready and willing to help you with all things interior design.

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