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A Brief Recap of 5 Interior Design Trends in 2022

Once again, the current year is rounding out while the New Year is getting ready to take over. As we prepare for 2023, let's take a trip down memory lane for interior design in 2022. What were the significant trends? What was successful? What is here to stay for the new year? Though there are many things to cover, below are five categories that make for a brief 2022 interior design recap.

5 Popular Trends That Took Over Interiors in 2022

1. Green Galore

Green took over in 2022. It's a classic color that got well-deserved recognition this year. Jewel-toned, bright, or earth-toned, different shades were a hit in the interior design world. Green was used for accent walls, kitchen cabinetry, décor, and many other ways. Green is timeless, and we think it will continue to be present in 2023 designs.

2. Sustainability

Sustainable living has been an ongoing trend seen throughout various interiors. It continued into 2022 with a spike in the use of vintage pieces for decoration. Stylish and sustainable vintage pieces are eco-friendly alternatives that bring character and tell the story of a home. Durable and functional fabrics and features were also popular this year. Sustainability in interior design remains a popular trend and is one we hope will carry on into 2023.

3. Mixing Textures

We noticed a substantial shift in the want for more details in furnishings, décor, and intricate finishes in 2022. Rather than being fully maximalist or minimalist in interior design, mixing textures in the same or different colors has become the middle ground. Layering different tile or stone patterns was a popular trend. Another was using various wallpapers throughout the home or different textures of décor to add interest to a space. We think this trend will continue into 2023, as more homeowners are shifting away from minimalism to express their personalities and creativity.

4. Elevated Outdoors

A big trend in 2022 was bringing a sense of sophistication to outdoor living spaces. An outdoor space can successfully extend a home's interior, whether it's all-out glam, shabby chic, mountain modern, or another style. Elevating entertaining outdoor spaces with high-end, durable furniture and finishings is a great way to create a sophisticated environment for fun or relaxation. Expect exterior design to be on the rise in the new year!

5. Sculptural Pieces

Modern sculptural pieces were a hit this year. There was a love for curved edges with modern materials, especially for side/end tables. Modern furnishings have been in for a few years, but ones with curved and soft edges were more prevalent in 2022. Adding a sculptural piece to a room is an easy way to include uniqueness and creativity in the space. Classic modern sculptural pieces, with or without curved edges, will most likely continue to be used throughout interior design in 2023.

While we only covered five categories, many other 2022 trends may or may not continue into 2023. We’ll just have to wait and see! Need help with re-designing your home for the New Year? Let our talented design team help! We are now taking projects for 2023. Learn more about our services and book a consultation by visiting our website.

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