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How to Make your Bed Like a Pro

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Love a gorgeous bed? Wonder how to layer your bed to look luxurious like the designers do? The bed in the bedroom is the focal point, so it is important to have a fabulously made bed to make the whole room look beautiful! Here are some tips on how to make your bed like a pro.

Tip 1: To give your bed a lot of visual interest you want to use a mixture of textures and patterns, through the use of coverlets, duvets, throws and pillows.

Tip 2: A fluffy duvet adds luxuriousness to your bed. To get that fluffy look, use a down duvet insert in a winter weight. We then, like to fold the duvet in thirds to sit at the bottom of the bed.

Designer tip: Buy the insert 2-3" larger than the duvet cover, so that it fits nicely, and you don't have that extra loose fabric.

Tip 3: Add a coverlet, bedspread or quilt pulled to the headboard. Get this in a different color and texture as the duvet, for visual interest. This layer also acts as the lighter weight layer for sleep.

Tip 4: Top it off with pillows of different shapes and sizes. For a king size bed we will use 3 euros at the head board, that helps give some height. Then we will put 2 king size shams and treasure pillows in front.

Designer tip: Use inserts one size larger. Example: If your sham is 28" then you would want your insert to be 30" to really fill in the sham and give the ultimate fluffy look.

There you have it! Now you can make your bed like a designer!

How do you like to style your bed? Do you like lots of pillows, or just the basics? We would like to know in the comments.

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