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From Blah to Wow!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In 2018 we started to see some color come back, but in more muted tones of blues and greens, and blush pinks. This year, in 2019 , color is back in a BIG way. We are seeing more of the jeweled, deep, bold tones such as emerald greens, sapphire blues and berry reds to create some warmth and drama.

“How do I add this new trend of bold color to my home?”

Fear not! Start with a neutral base. No matter where the trends take us year after year, neutral will always be timeless and classic. Therefore, the easiest way to then add color is through accessories, art, pillows and rugs. Color on a neutral background really pops. Adding color through accessories is also a great way to save money when you want to keep up with the trends, because your base, the large pieces of furniture, the investment pieces are going to last through the trends, and all you do is change up the small things. So here is an example of how to take a blah room and turn it into a wow room.

"Blah Room" Neutral Base

Step 1: Start off with the neutral basics, or blank canvas. Here we are doing a living room, so we have our sofa, end tables, 2 chairs and a cocktail table.

Step 2: Add a rug. The first thing we like to add is a rug with some color. From there, we can pull colors and create a color scheme.

Step 3: Add some art to the walls using the same color story that you have going on in the rug. In our example we have a rug that has some shades of blues and greens, so we chose art that had those same colors.

Step 4: Add some colorful pillows to the sofa and chairs. Mix patterns and textures to create a lot of interest. When mixing patterns, the rule of thumb is to have them in the same color family and to have the patterns of different scales, then break up with a solid.

Step 5: Finish off by adding a colorful bowl to the cocktail table for a pop. Then add some floral arrangements for not only color but softening.

Step 6: Don’t then forget lamps. Lamps act as the “jewelry” to a room. They are more than functional, they add beauty. We like to use tall lamps 34” + to give the most light and to draw your eye up and fill in a space with tall ceilings.

"Wow Room"

How do you feel about this new trend of color coming back? We would love to know your thoughts on color in the comments.

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