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The "New" Traditional

Trends of today reflect our lifestyle. Everyone seems to have such a busy, hectic schedule that when we return home we want a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Our main living, Kitchen and dining ares seem to be one large area resulting in a more casual feel.

Because formal living areas are rarely used in our lifestyle; we can make one family gathering area, more stylish,comfortable and functional fitting their style of living. Furniture is now used in a larger scale, for larger homes where spaces are open and tall.

We see a variety of houses from very large suburban homes to city loft living. Scale of furniture to size of rooms is very important, you don't want it to look like doll furniture. We want rooms that are relaxing and comfortable but not too crowded. Because of the influence of loft living or zen feel we are seeing a cleaner look. Less is more!

A contemporary influence has made an impact on the traditional and transitional home. Integrating a few contemporary pictures, lamps and accessories really punches up the traditional look. Also the opposite is true. Having a few traditional, classic pieces introduced into a contemporary look warms and charms the space, creating an updated look.

Traditional and contemporary styles have been integrated to create a very balanced, soothing and classic look. With the mixing of the old and the new, it gives you the best of both worlds. The traditional pieces gives the contemporary a more timeless, classic look, but the contemporary gives the traditional a more artsy, fresh look.

We now realize that the two can co-exist together harmoniously!

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